Bamboo socks are trending right now – and for good reason! Here’s why:

Bamboo fibre is the new sustainable kid on the block. With over 1,600 varieties of this giant grass, it has adapted to grow all around the world. It grows at lighting speeds (well, almost) with some varieties growing up to 1 metre per day! Not only does that mean that watching grass grow is suddenly considerably more entertaining, it also means that it doesn't require any harsh chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides - so it's often organic. Bamboo also has low water requirements, especially when compared to other natural fibres, further reducing its footprint on our Earth. 


So the raw material is great, but what about bamboo socks? So glad that you asked! In a word, bamboo socks are LUSH and feel amazing on your skin. They have a good weight to them which makes them feel oh-so-sumptuous. They are also ideal for people with allergies or with skin conditions such as eczema as a results of fewer chemicals being used in their production. Since they are natural – they wick moisture away from your feet and breathe really well. You really can't go wrong. 

Here at SockSmart we pride ourselves on stocking the best bamboo socks Australia has to offer. Our range of bamboo socks for men and women includes thick bamboo socks which make are awesome for workwear or hiking, bamboo sports socks for running and exercise, no-show socks as well as thinner varieties that are perfect for the (home) office or every day wear.  

If you want to make a sock mask, these would also be total winners smooshed up on your face. 

Check out our ethical socks collection for our range of bamboo socks made in Australia. In fact, these socks are made just down the road from our usual home at the Queen Vic Market in Melbourne. Doesn’t get much more local than that!